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    Tiara’s Bio

  • Sessions of Spiritual Activation
    with Tiara Kumara

    Divine Channel ~ Spiritual Guide ~ Transformation Facilitator

    This session includes:

    * Pre session sharing via telephone
    * A session of remote energy transference with follow up recommendations


Session Focus

Tiara Kumara is a spiritual initiator and conduit for Divine Source, intuitively receiving and transferring to you on many levels. She activates through high frequency vibration transferred through her energy field and heart/mind intention focused with you.

Energy sessions work in partnership with your conscious intent, greater self and divine guidance channels. The amount of energy received and integrated will be aligned to your highest good in this now moment of your personal transformation.

Her overall intention is to get you to the next step of spiritual advancement while activating more of your soul potential. She serves from multidimensional intelligence and uses the ability of remote energy transference to affect your energetic shifts. This is done intuitively and marries with your personal intention for change.

Following is a brief listing of what may occur. This type of energetic connection can bring on a natural response of clearing, detoxification and life changes.

Assistance with:

* Overall empowerment on an energetic level.
* Clearing of blocks, repair of auric fracturing, removal of energetic toxins.
* Opening of multidimensional perception.
* Reconnective processes with greater aspects of self.
* Recalibration of your nervous system and energy field.
* Vibrational attunement and upgrade.
* Anything else you might need, please discuss with Tiara.

Session Structure

1. You will fill out a brief questionnaire that gives an idea of your situation and intention.

2. An initial phone conversation takes place to gain deeper understanding of your intentions.

3. The next day you are in energetic connection and usually the work begins at the etheric level.

4. Then, 2 days later is the session of energy transference, 30 minutes.

5. This is followed up (in writing) with session feedback and guidance for your next steps on the spiritual path.

The energy transference is unique to you and what you specifically need. Tiara serves as a bridge while bringing in the sacred currents. The love of God is the real power behind it all and it is from this union that results are experienced.

Who is Tiara?

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  • Multifaceted Educator of Conscious Evolution

    Tiara Kumara is a multifaceted educator whose global work and educational offerings has profoundly assisted many lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation. Her accomplishments include several dedicated years in the coordination of worldwide meditation programs and the training of tens of thousands of people in remote healing and energy transference on mass scale.

    Spiritual Initiator

    As a dedicated spiritual teacher, Tiara creates new and unique pathways for conscious evolution. She is the founding producer of I AM Avatar and several educational courses including the renowned Rites of Passage, an extraordinary program of soul initiation. Her evolutionary teachings are presented on a platform of self empowered living through divine principles.

She has recently launched a collective group experience titled Morphogenesis which involves the opening of the seals of perception and the biological unlocking of the expanded DNA human blueprint. This profound program is delivered through an immersive multi-media presentation that gives great acceleration for awakened individuals to authentically embody unified self-awareness.

Her next course, Skillsets of Evolution, to be released in 2016, guides people into expanded levels of multidimensional intelligence and the highly influential abilities that are born from this resonance.

A Trained and Experienced Facilitator

Empowered by the teachings of some of the greatest spiritual masters, Tiara has endured impressive training for her role as an evolutionary facilitator and one that brings a high degree of integrity and stamina to the work.

For a full decade, she traveled non stop around the world taking in-depth spiritual initiations that challenged her deepest fears including the fear of death. From solo pilgrimages high into the Himalayas to sojourns deep into the Amazon Jungle, Tiara knows what spiritual purification means and what is necessary to be free from the ego’s hold.

She is greatly influenced by metaphysical understandings, buddhist principles, shamanic practices and the language of light. Tiara Kumara holds a university degree and comes with an extensive background in entrepreneurship, consulting, medical therapies and the healing arts.